Idai Cyclone

UNITE is saddened by the news coming from Mozambique and Southern Africa concerning the casualties produced by Idai Cyclone and want to pass a heartfelt message to the families of the victims. But also to alert for the need of focusing on preventing people from getting affected by communicable diseases. Effective control measures must be triggered to assist those who are vulnerable.  This is definitely a time to UNITE efforts, partnerships, and political actors in finding financially sustainable solutions to [...]

ICPS HIV/AIDS Europe Roundtable 2019

UNITE participated in the ICPS HIV/AIDS Europe Roundtable 2019, that took place on January, 23, in Brussels. This roundtable meeting brought together EU policy makers, medical and clinical professionals, academic experts, healthcare players and patient groups, to examine current policy guidelines and strategies on combating HIV/AIDS in the EU. #UniteMPNetwork #iCPSRoundtables

HepHIV 2019

UNITE participated in the HepHIV2019 conference that took place on 28-30 January 2019, in Bucharest, Romania. The conference’s main objective was to provide an overview of innovative initiatives and best practices on optimal testing and earlier care for HIV and viral hepatitis and will end with a call to action that will address implications for policy and implementation agendas in the field of earlier and integrated testing.

1,000,000 lives in Care

Last December, UNITE joined its partner and sponsor AHF Europe, in Odessa, Ukraine, in the event “1,000,000 lives in Care”, that aimed to mark this remarkable milestone in its history: AHF is now providing HIV/AIDS medical care and/or services to more than one million patients worldwide! In the photo, Amish Laxmidas, UNITE Partnerships and Policy Director, with Zoya Shabarova from AHF Europe Bureau Secretariat. #UniteMPNetwork #AHFEurope #1MillionlivesinCare