UNITE’s Secretariat is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, whose aim is to support the Global Board and UNITE Network in pursuing our collective goal of ending infectious diseases as a global health threat.

The Secretariat’s actions are developed through direct interaction with UNITE’s Members and by fostering partnerships at all levels. These include:

  • Supporting the role of UNITE members of parliament
  • Bridging the gap between policy makers and key global health stakeholders to achieve communicable disease elimination
  • Representing policy makers and promoting the need for political leadership on the global health agenda
  • Connecting policy makers with experts in the field
  • Incorporating and translating scientific research and data driven information for political decision making, leading to policy change


Executive Director, a.i.

Victoria leads UNITE’s diverse and enthusiastic team – a Secretariat dedicated to engaging members of parliament and collaborating with partners to address IDs elimination. Prior to transitioning to her current role, Victoria oversaw advocacy and community engagement at UNITE. Victoria’s background is in mental health, pediatric health, and business development. Before joining UNITE, Victoria worked at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she managed community partnerships. Victoria landed in Lisbon to complete her graduate degree in Human Rights and Democratization from the Global Campus of Human Rights (EIUC) & NOVA. Victoria also holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas. When not in the office, Victoria enjoys running, traveling, and gardening.


Head of Strategic Partnerships

Amish Laxmidas leads UNITE’s role in building partnerships that bridge the gap between policymakers and key global health stakeholders. Responsible for heading UNITE’s global network of policymakers, Amish devotes his time to collecting on-ground intelligence and transforming it into concrete action. Amish has worked with institutions like NATO and the EU as President of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association and as Project Officer of the Estoril Conferences; fmr Junior Consultant at Five Thousand Miles. Amish holds a BA in International Relations from the Lisbon University, currently finishing Executive Masters in Management & Leadership at Católica Lisbon School. Born and raised in Lisbon, when not working, Amish can be found exploring Lisbon’s sunny rooftops and craving for the best pasta in the city.


Head of Finance and Operations

Filipe has extensive experience in business administration and strategic management of large multinational organizations. Having previously assumed the role of Operations Manager and Financial Manager at a leading, international telecommunications company, Filipe has also had an opportunity to work with startups. He has demonstrated strong leadership in times of transformation and reorganization, having focused on the development of people and business. Filipe loves to get to know new places and cultures. Outside UNITE HQ, you can find Filipe walking or spending time with his family and friends. At UNITE, Filipe supports the team in achieving ambitious goals in the most efficient way


Legal Advisor

Lawyer and Legal Counsel. Member of Portuguese Bar and Macau SAR Lawyers Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators. Currently is head of Macau SAR Law firm Lektou branch in Portugal. Worked in Macau SAR for 11 years 5 of them as Senior Legal Counsel of Melco Resorts & Entertainment. Has strong experience assisting Portuguese and overseas NGO’s with their daily operations and is also a founding member of Portuguese NGO “Mundo a Sorrir”.