UNITE Members per Country

Morocco 1
Tunisia 2
Yemen 1




Imen Ben Mohamed was born on November 13, 1984 in the Southern Tunisian city of Kebili. She left Tunisia with her family at the age of 14 in order to join her father, a political refugee, in Italy.

She graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in International Cooperation and Economic Development, as well as from the Tunisian Institute of Politics.

In Italy, she was Vice-President of the ‘Family and Working Policies’ of the National Youth and Civil Society Forum (Forum Nazionale dei Giovani). She is a human rights activist.

She was elected as a member of the National Constituent Assembly in the first free and fair Tunisian elections in 2011 for the constituency of Italy, served in the Legislation committee in the Tunisian Parliament, and became a member of the Consultative Council of the Union Arab Maghreb UMA.

Imen was again selected to head the electoral list in Italy for the 2014 parliamentary elections, and the Tunisian diaspora in Italy renewed its trust in her, electing her again to the Assembly of the People’s Representatives. As an Ennahdha deputy, she was a member and the rapporteur adjoins of the Rights, Liberties and External Relations Committee, the committee that worked on a landmark bill to end all violence against women, the bill of the whistleblowers protections in corruption case, and the right of the free access to the information, as well as other important bills.

Mohamed left Parliament in 2019 in Tunisia’s October general elections.

She became also a Vice Chair of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, Social Affairs and Education of the Parliamentary Assembly – Union for the Mediterranean PA-UfM. She also became a member of the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief , as well as of the Parliamentarians for Global Action.

She was selected by Friends of Europe as a MENA Young Leader.

She was also selected as MYL2018, Munich Young Leaders program is a platform of Körber Foundation and the Munich Security Conference MSC.

She was also selected as Young Leaders Conference from the The Council for the United States and Italy.

Recently, She was awarded by “The Club of Women” and of the monthly “Minerva” with the “Minerva Prize” Under the High Patronage of the Italian President of the Republic. This award is assigned to women who, symbolically, represent exemplary female models for their professional abilities and for their positive values.

Imen Ben Mohammed is a UNITE member since March 2019.




Allal Amraoui is a Member of Parliament from Morocco. Originally from Fez, Amraoui was also a Deputy Mayor in the same city.

Amraoui is a seasoned and well-known face in Morocco politics. He is the vice-president of Parliamentary Committee on External Affairs and assumes the leading role of being the president of Moroccan delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly for the European Council.

Moreover, Amraoui is a medical doctor by background. He has played an active role in founding the Faculty of Medicine in Fez and received the Big Health Prize in 2013.

In 2017, Allal Amraoui was appointed as Ambassador for Peace from the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

Amraoui is a member of UNITE since December 2019.



Ibtissame Azzaoui is a Moroccan Member of Parliament. Sitting at the Foreign Affairs Committee, Azzaoui also plays a prominent role as a civil society activist.

Due to her remarkable activism in Morocco and at the international level, she was designated Minister of Communication and Spokesperson of the youth parallel government in Morocco.

She pays special attention to empower the ones that are voiceless and to advocate younger generations to some relevant topics such as global health, gender equality and sustainable development, which make her often a reference when in lectures in and outside of Morocco.

Giving Azzaoui’s relevance in the process of raising awareness and challenging the governments into implementing effective public policies, she has founded a few non-profit organizations and became actively involved in cultural projects in Morocco and abroad.

Ibtissame Azzaoui is a member of UNITE since December 2019.



Olfa Soukri Cherif is a former Member of Parliament and Member of the Committee on Finance at the Tunisian Parliament, leaving Parliament in October 2019. She is the Vice-Chair of the Global Parliamentary Network on World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Prior to joining the Parliament in Tunisia, Cherif was a Professor in Economics at the Insitute Supérieur de Science Humaines in Tunis, and in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Paris, Panthéon, la Sorbonne. Graduated with an MBA in Trade Policy from Harvard University, Cherif is a seasoned politician in Tunisia.

She is a strong voice for sustainable development issues and has been involved in many civil society initiatives to promote democratic consideration and greater involvement of parliamentarians with different stakeholders.

Olfa Cherif is a UNITE member since May 2019.



Mohammed Thabit Mohammed Al-Asali is a member of the Yemeni parliament and currently seats in the Public Health and Population Committee.

Being a medical doctor, Al-Asali has developed extensive work in the field of global health, particularly in AIDS treatment in the Red Sea countries and promoting health insurance across the region.

He is one of the founders of both Arab and Yemeni Parliamentarians against Corruption Organization.

Mohammed Al-Asali is a member of UNITE since November 2019.