UNITE Members per Country

Ivory Coast 1
Nigeria 2
Sao Tome and Principe 1




Yeo Fozie is an MP for the Ivory Coast National Assembly holding the chair for the Security and Defense Committee. Being one of the most well-known politicians in the country he has a strong political knowledge of Local Politics.



Muhammad Usman is the immediate past Member of the House of Representatives in the Parliament of Nigeria. Prior to his election, Usman had gained experience in being the Executive Chairman of Makarfi Local Government and also serving as a member of the Caretaker Committee and Supervisory Councilor for Health.

During that time he supported legislations on strengthening the Nigerian Health System and improving the quality of health care delivery by reforming Nigeria’s Health Insurance and by implementing all provisions of the Health Act, meeting up the Abuja Declaration of 15% Budgetary allocation to Health in the National Budget covering aspects such as Family Planning, Nutrition, HIVAIDs, PHC Revitalization and equipping and Immunization Programs.

In 2016, Usman was awarded for the Contributions to the cause of the Vaccine Access for All. Due to his role of commitment in the Women and Children Welfare and Advocacy for Vaccines Access, he became a close collaborator of the IVAC Projects.

Muhammad Usman is a member of UNITE since November 2019.



Lanre Tejuoso is a former Senator in Nigeria. He was until recent elections this year (2019), the Chairperson of the Health Committee at the Nigerian Senate.

Awarded as Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary, Senator Tejuoso is a medical doctor and one of the most seasoned voices on Health in Nigerian Politics.

He was responsible for uplifment of the living conditions of my constituents in areas of power, infrastructure and welfare.

Senator Tejuoso is also manufacturing director of Teju Industries and Berger Paints Nigeria and has a great amount of experience in business as well.

Senator Lanre Tejuoso is a member of UNITE since April 2019.



Arlindo Carvalho is the president of the PCD party in Sao Tome and Principe and also of the Center of Endemic Diseases. As a medical doctor and activist, he helped reduce mortality related to Malaria in the country. Arlindo Carvalho is also a former Minister of Health in Sao Tome and Principe.

Carvalho is a member of UNITE since February 2019