UNITE Members per Country

Austria 1
Belgium 1
Cyprus 1
Estonia 1
Finland 1
France 5
Germany 3
Greece 1
Ireland 1
Italy 2
Lithuania 1
Malta 1
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
Portugal 6
Romania 4
Slovenia 1
Spain 1
Switzerland 1
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 6




Petra Bayr is an elected Member of Parliament of Austrian Parliament a since 2002. Since her youth activism, Petra Bayr has been advocating and championing for Women’s participation in politics and has been leading the Women’s Council within her party. Bayr is the founder of the Austrian Platform against Female Genital Mutilation and participates in many platforms to prevent maternal mortality.

Petra Bayr is the Chairwoman, since 2003, of the Subcommittee for Cooperation and Development from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Bayr is a member of UNITE since August 2017.





Toomast is a former Member of the European Parliament from Estonia. Currently, since 2018, she is a Member of the Estonian Parliament after served several times as MP. She has also served the City Hall of Estonia before joining the European Parliament in 2009.

Toomast is a member of UNITE since August 2018




Gabrielle Serville is an elected member to the French National Assembly for French Guyana first constituency. During the 14th Legislature of the French National Assembly he held positions in the commission of the sustainable development, financial assessment and the National Commission for the Evaluation of State Policies Overseas. Before that he held positions as a Mathematics professor and as municipal councillor.

Gabrielle Serville is a UNITE member since June 2019.



Born in Dakar, Senegal, Jean-François Mbaye is one of the youngest and most active parliamentarians at the French National Assembly. With a background in law, Mbaye pursued his master’s degree in health law.

Mbaye has a leading role in the Parliament as Chair of the Study Group for HIV. He is also secretary of the French National Assembly and seats at the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Mbaye is a member of UNITE since October 2019.



Jean Spiri is Deputy Mayor of Courbevoie-La Défense and elected member of Paris Region Council where he assumes the Health Portfolio. He is also President of CRIPS –Centre Régional d’Information et de prévention du Sida et pour la Santé des Jeunes – regional agency to prevent and protect from HIV and other infectious diseases, and Ambassador of “Paris Region against AIDS initiative”. He has a great amount of political experience at the national level and has been working with former Health and Foreign Affairs Ministers.

Jean Spiri is a member of UNITE since August 2017.



Professor Touraine has been a Professor in Nephrology, Immunology and Transplantation at the Claude Bernard University of Lyon since 1979. From 1986 to 2012 he was Head of the Department of Transplantation and Clinical Immunology, Hôpital Edouard Herriot. Research work has taken him to Lyon, Edinburgh, Minneapolis and New York. In the field of immunodeficiency diseases his scientific contributions include (a) the discovery of the Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome, (b) the first successful foetal liver stem cell transplants in humans, (c) the first in utero foetal stem cell transplants into human foetuses, (d) bone marrow and thymic epithelial cell transplants, and other studies & treatments. In the field of organ transplantation, he initiated new immunosuppressive therapies. In the field of HIV infection he developed a model of gene therapy in the humanized SCID mouse.
Since 2007, Professor Touraine is an elected member of the French Parliament (Assemblée Nationale) where he is strongly involved in new developments for organ and cell transplantation, stem cell research, care to AIDS patients, prevention of health alterations and bioethics.

With experience in Local Politics as well, Jean-Louis Touraine is a member of UNITE since February 2019.



Jean-Luc Romero-Michel is a French politician who currently serves as Deputy-Mayor of Paris 12th district with the culture and tourism affairs in hands. He is a regional councilor of the Île-de-France region since 1998 and ambassador of an Île-de-France region without AIDS. The first French politician to reveal being HIV positive, Jean-Luc is one of the most active politicians in French Politics towards LGBTQI rights and human rights more globally.

Jean-Luc Romero-Michel is a member of UNITE since September 2017.



Andrew Ullmann is an elected member of the German Parliament. A physician by training, Ullmann seats at the Health Committee where he is the spokesperson and he is currently the vice-chair of the sub-committee on Global Health.

Ullmann has a background in infectious diseases from Harvard Medical School and from Clinic Mainz University, he now teaches at the University’s Hospital in Würzburg.

Andrew Ullmann is one of the most prestigious names on global health within the German Parliament and has been playing a pivotal role both in local and national politics in securing the leadership to eliminate infectious diseases.

Andrew Ullman is a member of UNITE since October 2019.



Rudolf Henke is a member of the German Bundestag since 2009. A physician by profession, Henke is a member of the Health Committee at the Bundestag since his election and member of the Subcommittee on Global Health since 2018.

Henke is the President of the Medical Association of North Rhine and Member of the executive board of the German Medical Association. He was Federal Chairman of the Marburger Bund (phsyicians’ trade union) from 2007 to 2019.

Rudolf Henke is a UNITE member since October 2017.



Ulla Schmidt is a Member of Parliament since 1990 and was Vice President of the Bundestag from 2013 to 2017. She is one of the most renowned politicians in Germany. Ulla Schmidt served as Minister of Health since 2001 (with the portfolio of Social Security until 2005) until 2009.

Being one of the most active politicians, Schmidt has a strong profile with involvement in many non-profit bodies

Schmidt is a UNITE member since October 2017.



Konstantinos Bargiotas is a Member of the Greek Parliament since 2015. He is member of the Committee on Social Affairs. A medical doctor by profession, he was elected for two terms President of the Association of Doctors.

Bargiotas is a UNITE member since November 2017.



Lynn Ruane is an Independent Irish Senator. Being elected in 2016, Ruane is one of one of the most active, most well-known Senators.  She was awarded the Senator of the Year in 2016 by the Irish Times.

Lynn Ruane has a strong profile in advocating for social justice both outside and within the Senate. She sits with the Civil Engagement group; an alliance of like-minded mostly independent senators seeking to bring civil society expertise. Ruane also introduced the Controlled Drugs and Harm Reduction Bill to the Seanad which proposed removing criminal sanctions for minor drug possession and shifting to a health-led approach to addiction and illicit drug policy.

Ruane is a UNITE member since 2018.



Lia Quartapelle is an elected member of Italian Parliament since 2013. Along her terms she served in the committee for Foreign and Community Affairs, in the sub-committee on sustainable development and the sub-committee on Human Rights. She’s graduated at the University of Pavia and the University of Florence in economics.

Quartapelle Procopio is a UNITE member since May 2019.



Aušrinė Armonaitė is a member of the Lithuanian Parliament. Deputy chair for the Committee on European Affairs and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Armonaitė is member of the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe and from 2015-2016 she was a member of the Council of the Vilnius Municipality.

Armonaitė is a UNITE member since July 2018




Wim Van de Camp is a Member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands. A full member and EPP coordinator of the Transport and Tourism Committee, Van de Camp was also a former Member of Parliament in the Netherlands. He has a strong background in local politics as well.

Wim Van de Camp is a member of UNITE since December 2017.



Sveinung Stensland is a member of the Norwegian Parliament. Stensland has a great amount of experience in sitting at the Health Committee and Care Services and he is currently Vice-Chair of the Commitee. Stensland has a Master’s Degree in Pharmacology from the University of Oslo.

Stensland is a member of UNITE since February 2019.



Ana Rita Bessa is an elected Member of the Portuguese Parliament. A teacher at the Management School of the Católica University of Portugal, Ana Rita Bessa has a strong background in managing different institutions. She was Director of the Businessmen’s Association for Social Inclusion and took the lead in educational projects from book publisher ‘LeYa’ within ‘LeYa Educação’ initiative.

She has a great amount of experience in education affairs.

Bessa is a member of UNITE since January 2019.



Ângela Guerra is an elected Member of the Portuguese Parliament. Sitting at the Health and Foreign Affairs Committee, Guerra is Global Ambassador for Women’s Federation for World Peace. She is sitting also in the Subcommittee for Equality and Non-Discrimination. Committed to women empowerment. President of her’s districtal Council, Ângela Guerra is a lawyer by profession.

Guerra is a UNITE member since January 2019



José Inácio Faria is a Member of the European Parliament from Portugal. He is a full member of the Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. Faria is a substitute member of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. Faria, who studied Law, is a frequent TV opinion-maker on European Affairs and European Politics.

Inácio Faria is a UNITE member since October 2017



Lidia Pereira is a Portuguese Member for the European Parliament being one of the youngest MEP’s and also being the President for the EPP Youth. She was elected for the 9th parliamentarian term, holding the current position as an substitute for the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and a member for the Committee on the Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), showing her deep commitment for the European politics.

Lidia Pereira is a member of UNITE since July 2019.



Manuel Pizarro is a member of the European Parliament. Before, he was a member for the Municipal Council and of the Portuguese National Assembly, holding positions as State Secretary of Health. He has a diploma in medicine.

Pizarro is a UNITE member since July 2019.



Ricardo Baptista Leite is the Founder & President of UNITE. Since 2011, Ricardo is a Member of the Portuguese National Parliament where he is, since the beginning of his third term, the Vice-President of the Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Board. He is also the National Spokesperson for Health of the Social Democratic Party. 

A Medical Doctor trained in infectious diseases; Ricardo is also the Head of Public Health at Católica University of Portugal.

Ricardo is also the Vice President of the ‘Parliamentary Network on The World Bank & International Monetary Fund’, where he works directly with The World Bank Group and IMF. The network’s mission is to provide a platform for parliamentarians around the globe to advocate for increased accountability and transparency in International Financial Institutions and multilateral development financing.

In April 2019, Ricardo became Global Ambassador of the ‘G20 Health & Development Partnership’ aimed at advising and advocating G20 countries on health policies aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In recognition of Ricardo’s academic work and policy leadership in the field of hepatitis c, Ricardo was awarded by ‘The Economist Intelligence Unit’ as an ‘HCV Change Maker’ (2016). This acknowledgement was attributed to solely six people globally.







Ksenija is a former member of the Slovenian Parliament and a former member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. As PACE member, Kramar has shown leadership in fighting for Human Rights and in Slovenia Kramar has experience in leading with patient-based organizations.

Ksenija Korenjak Kramar is a member of UNITE since September 2017




Yvonne Feri is a member of the Swiss National Parliament and local councillor in Wettingen. Yvonne Feri is active in several committees, including the Social Security and Health.  and is president of SP Frauen Schweiz. She started her political career, serving for 10 years until 2008 as a member of the cantonal parliament of Aargau, and was in this capacity an active advocate for family and gender politics.

In 2008, Feri became chief executive of the Zürich Teachers Association, a position she held until 2012. At the same time, she continued as a council member for the municipality of Wettingen, where she was responsible for all health and social security-related departments.

Yvonne Feri is a member of UNITE since January 2018.



Chris Smith, Baron Smith of Finsbury, PC is a seasoned British politician. A former member of the Parliament, Lord Smith of Finsbury is a former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Apart from the vast political experience at the Parliament and at Cabinet, Chris Smith became Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, in 2015. Smith was also Chairman of Environment Agency from 2008 to 2014. He was also the first openly gay MP in the UK, and the first openly gay Cabinet Minister in the world

Lord Smith is a member of UNITE since December 2017.



Llyod Russel-Moyle is a member of the House of Commons. One of the youngest and most energetic voices in the House of Commons towards stigma-free and no discrimination, Llyod Russel-Moyle was the first MP to assume to be HIV positive in the Chamber of the House of Commons.

A strong advocate for more public policies to all key populations with Infectious Diseases, Russel-Moyle is one of the most known parliamentarians in the House and has a constant presence on the media.

Llyod Russel-Moyle is a member of UNITE since February 2019.



Evans is a current Member of the British Parliament for the Ribble Valley constituence since 1992. He also serves as a Joint Executive Secretary of the 1992 Committee since 2017. Nigel Evans already held positions as the Shadow Secretary of State for Wales and First Deputy Chair of Ways and Means, showing his vast experience on politics. He holds a diploma from the Swansea University and declared himself openly gay.

Evans is a member of UNITE since March 2019.



Ronnie is the Member of Parliament for Inverclyde having been first elected in 2015 and retained the seat at the 2017 General Election. He is a member of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs (PACAC) Select Committee and Transport Select Committee.

Alongside this, he is vice-chair of the All-party parliamentary groups (APPG) on Gambling Related Harm; Kidney Group; Drug Policy Reform and Medical cannabis under prescription.

He is also a member of the APPGs on autism and Scottish sport.

Ronnie is originally from Greenock and after leaving school he got a job as a trainee computer operator at Playtex in Port Glasgow and went on to build a career in IT, latterly running his own company which focussed on finding IT solutions to business problems. Political Interests; Drugs policy reform, employment, gambling-related harm, prostitution laws, renewables and universal basic income.

Ronnie Cowan is a member of UNITE since September 2017.



Stephen Doughty is a Member of Parliament since 2012. MP since 2012. Doughty is a former Shadow Minister on Commonwealth and Foreign Affairs and a former Shadow Trade and Industry Minister. A member of the International Development Committee and the Arms Export Control Committee, Doughty is the Vice-Chair of the All-Party Group on HIV/AIDS.

Stephen has a great amount of experience working in international cooperation institutions World Vision, Oxfam, Robin Hood Tax and Make Poverty History.

Stephen Doughty is a member of UNITE since July 2018.